The seminar will cover the 3-day exhibition period. It aims to inform the Chinese investors international investment projects from different parts of the world for comparison and selection with professional input from expert seminar presenters. Information is of key importance for the real estate industry and the provision of such information is the key objective of the Seminar. Armed with the necessary knowledge, the investors can make an educated decision.
QLP Seminar will have expert presenters from Asia, Europe, America and Australia. They will talk on the latest market environment for investment in their country or area.

The Schedule for the  QLP Seminar will be finalized at least 2 weeks before the exhibition and the Talks will be publicized. The updated version of the Seminar Schedule will be placed in the webpage. 2017 Guangzhou International Quality Lifestyle and Property Expo ¨C The Seminar Information.



Profile of Dr. Eddie Kwan
As founder of EK Immigration Consulting Limited, Dr. Eddie Kwan has been long known as 
¡°Immigration Godfather¡±. As a world known senior immigration expert, Dr. Kwan won such
prizes as Word Outstanding Chinese of Year 2005, Ethnic Chinese of Year 2008 and a variety 
of practicing qualifications of Canada. Furthermore,he is Chairman of 2013/2014 Hong Kong 
and Kowloon Walk for Millions and Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Entry & Exit Immigration 
Service Association.


Mr. Philip Leung, Managing Director and founder of Premier Capital Group involved in real estate business since the early 80's. Mr. Leung possesses an MBA degree and is also the full member of the professional bodies of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Cost and Executive Accountant in the United Kingdom. Mr. Leung had served in many renowned listed property companies in Hong Kong and had involved not only in property developments but also sales and marketing.

Mr. Leung was recognized as the pioneer of introducing and selling international properties in mainland China to the investors as well as end-users. He was the guest speaker in Zhejiang University on international properties and service apartment development.  Mr. Leung was also invited to be the guest speaker in Shenzhen Radio and spoke on the latest properties markets every Wednesday in their series of international real estate programme. With his over 25 years experience in international properties and his astute taste on international properties investment, Mr. Leung has always been the invitee for interviews by media in China for his professional opinion.  In recognition of his professionalism and contribution to the development of international properties in setting the services standard and good practices in China, Mr. Leung was awarded the Leader of the Trade- International Real Estate in 2010 .  

The 31th
Jun 21-23, 2024

The 32th
Sep 13-15, 2024
  • ¡°Not only we are able to sell our projects at the expo, there are many people from many parts of the world coming here for network...
    Peter Ling£¬Kozin Real Estate
  • ¡°We managed to connect with a lot of parents with children planning to go overseas to study. They are looking for properties in ci...
    William Wai, Director of Sales, Premier Capital Group
  • ¡°We achieved very good results when interest garnered during the exhibition resulted in the sales of 5 pieces of Cyprus properties...
    Mr. Zhao, CEO, New Hope Overseas Group
  • ¡°We are committed to the Chinese market as we are represented by our own office in China and also our wide network in China. The C...
    Barry Winter, Sales & Business Development Manager for China
  • ¡°Chinese are now one of the tourist groups to Philippines and with such exposure more Chinese are beginning to invest in the Phili...
    Jacky Ang, Managing Director, Twin Creation Pte Ltd
  • ¡°As for us, this exhibition is very successful. Not only have we found investors but we also found partners for our projects. We w...
    James, the Deputy General Manager of Simonds
  • ¡°We were very successful in this event. We managed to collect a substantial number of valuable customers.¡±...
    Stacey Kong, Chief Executive Officer, KF Group
  • ¡°We promoted the Holland property project. Just after 2 hours of show opening, we got 10 persons interested to purchase, far excee...
    Chen Jia Ming, Marketing Manager, Midland Realty