Overseas investment and emigration of high-quality Chinese enterprises are in progress

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  • In today's era of globalization, Chinese enterprises have shown unprecedented vitality and strength. In order to achieve greater development goals, more and more high-quality enterprises have begun to choose overseas investment and emigration in order to expand the global market and realize the integration and sharing of global resources. Countless investment projects are emerging all over the world. Whether it is real estate, emerging technologies, energy or service industries, Chinese entrepreneurs can discover excellent business opportunities. By investing overseas, new growth points will be developed on a global scale and the international competitiveness of enterprises will be enhanced.

    Now, it's also possible to seamlessly combine investments with lifestyle upgrading. Choosing to invest overseas not only helps to expand the business in terms of territorial coverage but also obtain broader market opportunities and opens up endless possibilities. Enjoy the culture, education and lifestyle of different countries, embrace a diverse society, and create a better life for your family. Moving abroad is not only about relaxation, but also an opportunity to share your wisdom, experience and success with the world.

    At the exhibition site, high-quality Chinese companies in building materials, catering, finance, retail, tourism and other industries will hold overseas investment forums. Corporate executives and high-quality customers will arrive at the site to discuss investment and living policy information in various countries. Industrial investment and real estate investment will be carried out simultaneously.  Join us now, embark on the journey of overseas investment and emigration with Chinese high-quality enterprises, and start a new journey of success!

    International Property Expo.png

    The 31th
    Jun 21-23, 2024

    The 32th
    Sep 13-15, 2024
    • ¡°Not only we are able to sell our projects at the expo, there are many people from many parts of the world coming here for network...
      Peter Ling£¬Kozin Real Estate
    • ¡°We managed to connect with a lot of parents with children planning to go overseas to study. They are looking for properties in ci...
      William Wai, Director of Sales, Premier Capital Group
    • ¡°We achieved very good results when interest garnered during the exhibition resulted in the sales of 5 pieces of Cyprus properties...
      Mr. Zhao, CEO, New Hope Overseas Group
    • ¡°We are committed to the Chinese market as we are represented by our own office in China and also our wide network in China. The C...
      Barry Winter, Sales & Business Development Manager for China
    • ¡°Chinese are now one of the tourist groups to Philippines and with such exposure more Chinese are beginning to invest in the Phili...
      Jacky Ang, Managing Director, Twin Creation Pte Ltd
    • ¡°As for us, this exhibition is very successful. Not only have we found investors but we also found partners for our projects. We w...
      James, the Deputy General Manager of Simonds
    • ¡°We were very successful in this event. We managed to collect a substantial number of valuable customers.¡±...
      Stacey Kong, Chief Executive Officer, KF Group
    • ¡°We promoted the Holland property project. Just after 2 hours of show opening, we got 10 persons interested to purchase, far excee...
      Chen Jia Ming, Marketing Manager, Midland Realty